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I am Anekke, I would like to be your memories, your nostalgia.
These beautiful moments that you relive when you start dreaming. I was created to bring you peace and make you feel beautiful feelings like love and friendship again. They say that I have a romantic aura of tenderness and innocence that leads you to a magical world, full of dreams.
Describing myself, I am affectionate but also enigmatic, making everyone wonder who I really am, where I come from and what secrets I keep… Secrets that you will discover.
Come into my world.
Come to the world of Anekke.
Style, boldness and innovation. With these words we would describe the women's bags from the new collection of the company Anekke. Anekke women's bags include impressive patterns with decorative materials that magnetize the eyes and really steal women's hearts.
At Anekke you will find mailbox bags, large and spacious shopping bag bags, backpacks in imaginative combinations, useful and comfortable for the modern working and busy woman, crossbody bags and wallets.


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