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Aphrodite, Lelos, Bianca and the dog Bellas are vacationing on their grandmother's island. As bored as they are. They are so bored that one day they decide to conquer the island opposite, which has dinosaur shapes! A mysterious stranger will help them take advantage of the forces of nature. The ..
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Many years ago people visited each other in their dreams, women were welcomed by Fates to welcome their daughters, people's souls were tied to the shade of trees. Three stories from the old years, with young heroes who, after wanderings, trials and difficulties, manage to taste the essence of li..
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*Longlisted for the Anglo-Hellenic League Runciman Award 2022* 'A wonderful book.' Peter Frankopan 'A masterpiece.' Gregory Nagy, Harvard University 'Remarkable' Ian Morris, author of Why the West Rules-For Now The way we think. The way we learn. The entertainment we seek. Th..
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A unique biography, published in Greek at the same time as the original English version. "Man Without a Face" is the creepy narrative of the process by which a low-ranking KGB agent ascended to the presidency of Russia. In 1999, the "family" surrounding Boris Yeltsin began lookin..
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