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The book "Goodnight Stories for Revolutionaries" gives new content to fairy tales, inspiring girls with the stories of 100 great women, from Queen Elizabeth to Serena Williams. Illustrated by 60 women illustrators from all over the world, it is the book that has received the most sponsors..
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Practice Tests for the ECPE Book 2 Companion (Revised 2021 Format) is designed to be used by Greek students in conjunction with Practice Tests for the ECPE Book 2 (Revised 2021 Format) as a vocabulary aid. The vocabulary for each test is listed together with the part of speech, Greek translation, En..
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Practice Tests for the ECPE, Book 2 (Revised 2021 Format) familiarizes students with the content, level and format of the Examination for the Certificate of Proficiency in English (ECPE). Book 2 includes: -8 revised practice tests comprising listening, writing, grammar, vocabulary and reading in t..
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My story begins at the end - hers and mine.Thus begins the "Book of Katerina", a woman who fought a life with mental illness, and who, if defeated, lived and worked humbly thanks to love.A family saga full of grim secrets and deadly guilts, a mystery book about an unimaginable murd..
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Many years later, in the face of the executive detachment, Colonel Aureliano Buencia would bring to mind the distant afternoon when his father took him to meet the ice ...With these words begins one of the most fascinating and famous novels of the twentieth century.A work that "by word ..
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Rosa and Margarita: two sisters, twins, in "discrete" years. The unbreakable duo, which should never have been broken, inadvertently become their thousand pieces, before the girls even realize their existence, since their memories are not recorded in the mind but only in the soul. Two daug..
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